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Idea Exchange - Software for Employee Driven Information

Idea Exchange is an idea management software. On Idea Exchange, participants can easily publish ideas, read the ideas and buy shares in them.[br][br]Idea Exchange engages employees in your company’s innovation in a fun and relevant way. Participants publish ideas and identify the best through trading.[br][br]It is about buying shares in the ideas you think are the best. Buy the right shares and you will earn ‘money’ and do well in the competition. People are more honest when they invest, therefore they put more effort into determining which ideas they believe in.[br]The engine in Idea Exchange is a prediction market. Prediction markets are virtual share markets designed to create the right incentives for people to express their true opinion and share knowledge.[br][br]Idea Exchange helps companies constantly be open to new ideas and to identify the best with less time and resources. In short, Idea Exchange offer the best possible Return On Innovation.[br][br]
Martin Hagemann
registered since: 09.10.2008
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Written on: 18. 11. 2009 [12:20]