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Financing and implementing innovation in micro companies

InnolocalSupp - specific resources for mirco enterprises.[br]This article was written by Plamen Todorov, Association BICC (Sandanski, Bulgaria). BICC is a member of the InnoLocalSupp project consortium.
Research and innovations are high-risk and costly endeavours, but they are the definitive factor that ensures the growth and competitiveness of enterprises. In most cases small scale enterprises do not possess the necessary knowledge, perception, as well as time and financial resources for developing innovations.
Very often small companies at local level are innovating without even knowing it and therefore exploiting it. If you have an idea which you consider to become successful, you should know that there are many organizations and experts out there which will be willing to aid you in developing, financing and ultimately implementing this idea.
Read more about the issue and download the PDF document listed right hand side.

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Plamen Todorov
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Written on: 08. 11. 2010 [13:59]