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VET-InTech project results

The project VET-InTech transfered the results of the InnoSupport project and offers an innovative training in the area of Biotechnology Innovations Support through building up of a blended learning programme assigned to teachers/trainers and other learning facilitators in Biotech industry sector. It is foreseen for increasing the professional knowledge of these target groups and application of problem-solving approaches to develop context-related practices in the above mentioned area. Thus, it answers the needs for understanding, development and implementation of the integrated European approach towards innovations in biotechnology sector and industrial growth at national/European level.
A flexible innovative blended learning programme for continuous training of teachers / trainers in biotechnology innovation support is designed as user-friendly e-tool for gaining professional competence and skills. The innovative e-learning curriculum Innovation support in biotech sector is organized on the basis of conceptually and thematically connected teaching/training material, structured on modular principle in hierarchical descending order (Module → Part → Unit → Lesson). The curriculum includes 2 specialized modules, comprising 4 parts and a total of 10 units and 41 lessons.
VET-InTech programme content is offered also as Learning Pathways (LP) and Short Intensive Courses (SIC). A Learning Pathway (LP) is a set of units with different length that cover specific, relatively broad subject within the target project area. A Short Intensive Course (SIC) is a set of units with restricted length that cover a highly specialized single topic within the target project area.

The basic building blocks of the LPs and SICs are the Lessons. In addition to its learning content, each Lesson contains the following elements:
  • Learning goals
  • Learning workload
  • Summary of the lesson
  • Key words
  • Bibliography and additional information
  • Glossary

The adopted knowledge is certified through a certificate, which is awarded upon successful completion of a defined SIC, LP or the whole e-curriculum.
Each LP and SIC represents the “Knowledge” part of a Learning Outcome. The latter descriptor is the basic element of EQF and unifies three main parts: Knowledge, Skills and Competence.

The attached pdf document describes the structure of the Learning Pathways and the Short Intensive Courses. The learning material itself is available at The second document is the user guide that explains how to work with the provided material.

VET-InTech_result5multilingual.pdf (File type: application, Size: 200 bytes) — 5897 downloads
VET-InTech_users_manual_EN.pdf (File type: application, Size: 200 bytes) — 5756 downloads
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