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OpenInn - Open Innovation platform for educational purposes

OpenInn offers an online ideation tool that supports the development of new ideas, no matter if it is in an educational or a business context. The tool (called Knowledge Generating House) implements a kind of online brainstorming, offering commenting and voting the ideas by the community of solvers too.

Nothing particular new, that's correct. But if offers closed groups for companies might still feel insecure using this method of open innovation. They might like to try it out with a closed group of students, not making their challenge immediately public on the web. It can be also used by schools to make pupils/students familiar with the method of open innovation. It can be used as an innovative tool for teaching and learning.

The website is available in 9 languages (EN, DE, DK, ES, IT, PT, BG, HU, SK) and is free of charge. It has been developed within the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.

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Martin Hagemann
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Written on: 17. 04. 2013 [12:03]