A neglected competence for innovation management

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The case study has been concieved for formal training. This means, reading the study should lead to discover issues for reflection, discussion and learning.

The trainer has got in the 'teaching notes' suggestions for didactical implementing the study, to address relevant questions for discussion with the group, s/he finds options for approach, time schedules and references to relevant content in order to make the most of the study to learn about innovation management.

In order not to spoil yourself your enjoyment of discovery you should not read the teaching notes if attending a seminar where the case study is a topic. If you do not have an option  to make profit from such formal learning arrangements but  want or need to work with the study as self-paced learning, we recommend to work with the two documents in parallel.

This study was developed by Dr. Gerd Zimmer, Institut für Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung – pro-kompetenz – e.V., Rostock, Germany in 2015 within the INNOCASE project. The study focusses on topics of innovation management in companies in a Technological park.

Case Study (PDF, 539 KB)

Teaching Note for Case Study (PDF, 575 KB)