Learning objective

After reading the component you will be able to describe what optimisation and control of acceptance of innovative products is and why it is important. You will understand the basic steps that should be followed in order to maximize the acceptance of an innovative product in terms of marketing activities. You will have the opportunity to acquire a wide view of the marketing activities and concepts needed.  Useful tips are also provided for successful implementation. It will take 50-60 minutes to go through this module.


Consumers are having great difficulty absorbing all the new products, services and technologies that are accelerated upon them each day. The swiftness of technical advances is hindering their ability to adjust to new innovations and realize their benefits and can often lead to a negative impression of any gains that could result.

The successful marketer, in this age of innovation overload, cannot presume the success of a new product just because it is a better “mousetrap”, but must market it toward those wants and needs it is satisfying1.

Consequently, innovation is necessary, but in itself is not sufficient.  A product or service must demonstrate value and meet specific needs in order to prosper. The customers’ need is the key to success2.

1 Hebig, Paul A; Kramer, Hugh, 1994, “The effect of information overload of the innovation choice”
2 Herbig, Paul A., Day, Raulph L., 1992, “Customer Acceptance: The Key to Successful Introductions of Innovations”

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