Learning objective

This module presents three of the most important Human Resource (HR) management activities helping a company to get the most suitable employees for the innovative activities, motivate and retain them within the company.
By the end of this module, you will be aware of the most important elements of a recruitment and selection process and that employees’ knowledge and skills have to be updated continuously. In this module you will find support for analysing the development needs and performing HR development activities. Motivation is crucial for employees’ participation in the innovation process and by the end of the module you will be familiar with the main motivation techniques concerning both financial and non-financial motivators.
The estimated time to review this module is 2 hours.


Human resources are the only resources of a company to have the ability to create value, generate new ideas, and develop new products and services. The company may have the newest and the most sophisticated technology but it needs skilled and creative employees to make it operational and ensure a competitive advantage on this basis. Employees should be in line with the new developments in science and technology, and with the new demands of the market. Employees’ skills and creativity have to be directed towards the same strategic goal and the results of their efforts should be more than the simple sum of individual results.
These tasks fall upon the company’s managers. They must manage their own team members using suitable techniques for each particular situation but also being consistent in using them. This requires special knowledge from the part of managers.

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