Whiteboards for distributed collaboration

This is an overview about web-based whiteboards for distributed collaboration. These whiteboards can be used to collaborate distributed with multiple colleagues. The presented whiteboards have different functionalities with varying benefits and shortcomings.

There are test whiteboards (sandboxes) that are open for anyone and can be used for testing purposes. The users can also create private whiteboards and invite there colleagues to them.



Twiddla is an online collaboration tool that's easy to use and doesn't require any downloads.

It's like having a whiteboard skin on top of any web page or uploaded image (or nothing at all - you can use it as a blank canvas). You can mark up this whiteboard layer and interact with the web page at the same time - all in real time, with people from all over the world.  

  • You can interact with the web (or any uploaded picture, document or widget) AND mark it up at the same time.
  • It incorporates chat and voice.
  • You can save the whiteboard as a snapshot, exported it as an image, turn it into a widget for embedding into a web page, or load it back up in Twiddla for further editing.
  • You can draw, use shapes, insert text, insert media (images, documents, widgets & code, mathematic formulas).
  • No download required. Works with standard web-browser.

Twiddla is not:

  • A screen sharing service.
  • A video chat service.
  • Going to work with Flash websites.
  • A tool to edit documents/spreadsheets (but you can upload them and mark them up).
  • Intended to interact with secure websites. 

Try out the InnoSupport Sandbox: InnoSupport Whiteboard! Create your own innovation room: InnoSupport Whiteboard!


dabbleBoard is an interactive whiteboard that will help you visualize, explore and communicate ideas. 

  • Dabbleboard feels as natural to use as a marker on a whiteboard, or a pencil on a sheet of paper. Just draw strokes and Dabbleboard will detect most common shapes. Click anywhere and start typing to enter text. 
  • Dabbleboard is flexible. Everything you draw can be moved, resized, deleted, and replicated. Even freehand strokes and with unlimited Undo and Redo.
  • Because a mouse is difficult to control precisely, Dabbleboard steps in and cleans up your strokes for you.
  • Dabbleboard lets you easily reuse previously-made drawings. With drag-and-drop simplicity, you can add drawings to your personal library, and copy something from the library to your current drawing. You can even visit the public library and copy drawings others have made.
  • Dabbleboard allows sharing and real-time collaboration with anyone anywhere in the world. Your friends and co-workers can view and edit your drawings whenever they like. Or you can log in at the same time to brainstorm ideas together.
  • You can upload images made with other applications and embed them into Dabbleboard drawings. And you can download images made with Dabbleboard for use in other applications.
  • No download required. Works with standard web-browser.

dabbleBoard is not:

  • A screen sharing service.
  • A video chat service.
  • Can't integrate websites.
  • A tool to edit documents/spreadsheets.

Watch a video tutorial on how to use it: Create a private innovation room: InnoSupport Whiteboard!